About Us

About Michaels-Colston Custom Homes

MICHAELS-COLSTON CUSTOM HOMES is recognized as one of the premier custom home builders in Dayton and the Miami Valley. Harold Lloyd Colston, Jr is the builder, and Nathan Colston is the President and Salesperson of Michaels-Colston Custom Homes.

Lloyd grew up with very humble beginnings. Through his parents’ teaching of work ethic, dedication, and strong personal faith, he has been able to overcome life’s challenges. He has learned that we all have the ability to persevere through adversity and thrive in our endeavors.

Lloyd is an experienced and proficient builder. He oversees, coordinates and works “hands on” during the construction of your home.


Michaels-Colston Custom Homes offers over 35 years combined experience and is dedicated to building quality custom homes with livability, comfort and style. Each of our homes receives a personal touch. Our homes are adapted to suit the lifestyle and needs of each client. Lloyd and Nathan are involved from the ground up. They oversee each home unto completion and maintain constant communication with each client; working hard to make concepts become reality.


At Michaels-Colston, we really do care about our clients and the finished product we give them!